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Updated: May 12,2023

17+ Irresistible Carnivore Diet Recipes. Carnivore Diet recipes are essential on an all-meat diet to keep things fresh, delicious, tasty, and most importantly, compliant. Sure, eating ribeyes for breakfast, lunch and dinner is fun and delicious for the first week, but you might be yearning for a little more diversity in your routine. The Carnivore Diet recipes on this list feature animal-based ingredients such as beef, fish, pork, eggs, salt, and dairy. Some recipes might include small amounts of plant-based seasonings or flavorings, but these are optional depending on the strictness of your diet. The recipes are simple to make and don’t require very much in terms of preparation. This list contains Carnivore Diet recipes that are perfect for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Plus, we’ve included some bonus Carnivore Diet snack recipes. These low carb recipes are also great for the Keto Diet, Keto Carnivore, and strict Carnivore. Let’s dive into the best Carnivore Diet recipes. Carnivore Diet Breakfast Recipes. 1. Carnivore Waffles. Eggs Breakfast Sausage Butter. You didn’t think it would be possible to have waffles on the Carnivore Diet? Think again. Made with three simple ingredients, this waffle dish mimics the look of a waffle with Carnivore Diet-compliant ingredients. The breakfast sausage will cook up perfectly in the waffle iron. It might be more omelette than waffle, but it’s still delicious. Grab the Carnivore Waffles recipe over at the Tactical Kitchen. 2. Carnivore Diet Breakfast Sandwich. Sausage Patties Eggs Cheddar Cheese Bacon Grease. Everyone loves a breakfast sandwich. Easy, delicious, full of protein and fat, and most importantly, no plants, this breakfast sandwich is a great breakfast option for keto, keto carnivore, and strict Carnivore. The melted cheese, fried eggs, and rich sausage makes for the perfect breakfast bite. Check out the Carnivore Diet Breakfast Sandwich over at Health, Home & Happiness. 3. Korean Steamed Egg. Eggs are a great source of creativity on the Carnivore Diet. They are diet compliant and can be worked into a variety of dishes, including this traditional Korean egg dish. We have this labelled as a breakfast dish, but you can enjoy it at any point in the day. Grab the Korean Steamed Egg recipe right here. 4. Carnivore Diet Breakfast Casserole. Breakfast Sausage Eggs Cheddar cheese Salt Butter. This Carnivore Diet breakfast recipe is an easy-to-make option that is great for groups. It can be easily made in advance and then reheated in the oven or microwave. It’s tasty, flavorful, and comforting. Sometimes you need a little home cooking and this recipe is a real winner. Snag the Carnivore Diet Breakfast Casserole recipe by Heather Nicole. 5. Carnivore Diet Breakfast Tacos. Bacon Bacon Fat People’s Choice Machaca Eggs Salt Cheddar Cheese. This goes out to all the foodies out there who like to be creative in the kitchen. You can make your very own bacon tortillas. Pieces of raw bacon are woven together to create the shelf for the taco. The recipe includes detailed instructions on how to make that happen. It’s surprisingly easy. This recipe also features Machaca, or jerky chew. This shredded beef jerky is an old-time jerky favorite, commonly found in a can, tin, or jar; perfect for on-the-go Carnivore snacking. Carnivore Diet Dinner Recipes. 6. Carnivore Pizza. Eggs Ground chicken Pork rinds Butter Sea salt Cheese Bacon Pork Pepperoni. You thought pizza would be off limits for sure, didn’t you? Not this Carnivore-friendly pizza. Made with cheese, sausage, bacon, pepperoni, and a pork-based crust, this delicious pizza is made entirely with animal products. Scope out this fantastic Carnivore Diet Pizza Recipe over at Ash Eats. 7. Keto Steak Nuggets. Move over chicken nuggets, here comes some steak nuggets. You can easily use venison or beef steak for this recipe. The breading is made from parmesan cheese, pork panko, and salt. The finished nugget is crispy, crunchy, and irresistible. This is a great dinner option or Carnivore Diet snack. Ingredients: Venison steak, egg, lard, parmesan, pork panko, salt. Check out the Keto Steak Nuggets recipe over at Health Starts in the Kitchen. 8. Easy Air Fryer Meatballs. The Air Fryer is a great kitchen too. It can transform balls of meat into delicious, Carnivore Diet meatballs that you can put together in less than 30 minutes. Plus, no greasy, splattery mess. The meatballs are bound with crushed pork rinds instead of bread. The result is a fantastic meatball that is great on the Carnivore Diet. Snag this recipe for Easy Air Fryer Meatballs over at Advantage Meals. 9. Taco Pie. Ground beef Taco seasoning Eggs Heavy cream Shredded cheese. One of the hardest parts of eating a restrictive diet is just that, the restrictions. You might be missing some of the world’s best foods, such as a taco. This recipe is a great way to scratch that itch. The Taco Pie recipe features some of the best flavors and textures of Mexican food but in a Carnivore-friendly presentation. The recipe is easy, delicious, and great for a quick family weeknight meal. Make your own Taco Pie with CH’s Keto Kitchen recipe. 10. Carnivore Noodles. Eggs Cream chees Pork rinds Parmesan Pesto. We all have that one food we might miss while eating on the Carnivore Diet. For some, that is noodles. Thankfully, this recipe is a creative way to create noodles that are Carnivore Diet compliant. A mixture of cheese, pork rinds, and butter, these noodles are delicious and can be slurped down with delight. See how to make Carnivore Noodles at I Hacked Diabetes. 11. Organ Meat Pie. Organ meat might be a little extreme for some beginners to the Carnivore Diet, but it’s a fantastic way to get your daily nutrients. This Organ Meat Pie is a great way to eat some of those organ meats that might be a little difficult on their own. This is a masterful way to eat muscle meat, heart, and liver in a one-pan, 30-minute meal. Snag the Organ Meat Pie recipe at Primal Edge Health. 12. Carnivore Fried Chicken Strips. Chicken thighs Pork cracklings Eggs Sea salt. This is a great Carnivore Diet version of everyone’s favorite, chicken nuggets, except this version comes without the breading or industrial seed oils. Find the recipe for Carnivore Fried Chicken Strips at Ash Eats. Carnivore Diet Snack Recipes. 13. Carnivore Diet Bone Broth. Beef Broth might not strike you as a snack at first, but it’s a great way to keep you fueled and on track. Bone broth is full of nutrients, filling, and delicious. Plus, it’s simple to make with this recipe. Learn how to make Carnivore Diet Bone Broth over at Primal Edge Health. 14. Grass-Fed Beef Liver Chips. One of the advantages of the Carnivore Diet is you don’t need to snack. You can easily fill up on a few big meals each day. Sometimes, however, life can get in the way and you need a Carnivore snack to keep you compliant. Beef liver is packed with nutrition and makes an excellent snack. You can make your own beef liver chips with this recipe. Snag the recipe for Beef Liver Chips over at Primal Edge Health. 15. Carnivore Meat Balls. Just two simple ingredients—beef and salt—this recipe for meatballs is a Carnivore Diet staple. We recommend making the meatballs on the smaller side so you can have them as a snack. Carnivore meatballs are a great option to meal prep. They are practical, dairy-free, and freezer-friendly. Make them for yourself or the whole family. Check out the Carnivore Meat Ball recipe over at Primal Edge Health. Carnivore Diet Dessert Recipes. 16. Carnivore-Friendly Whipped Cream. That’s right, this is a one hit wonder. Just one ingredient: whipping cream. You can add stevia or vanilla extract if you’re less strict on the Carnivore Diet, but even with just whipping cream, it’s a tasty and fun-to-eat dessert. Check out the Carnivore-Friendly Whipped Cream and other simple Carnivore Diet Desserts. 17. Carnivore Lemon Cheesecake. Cream Cheese Eggs Butter Sour Cream Heavy Cream Lemon Zest Vanilla Extract. The Carnivore Diet definitely keeps you full and satiated. Over time, even the strongest of sweet tooths will wane. Creamy, rich, and full of flavor, this cheese-based dessert is a great option to keep you compliant, but also satisfied. Grab the Carnivore Lemon Cheesecake dessert recipe at the Ketogenic Woman. Bottom Line. These Carnivore Diet recipes are a great way to stay compliant when eating an all-meat diet. While these recipes are fairly easy to make and don’t require a lot of cooking, sometimes you might want an easy snack. That’s where the original Carnivore Jerky can help. Made with simple ingredients and 100% USA Beef. This is a great carnivore jerky option. Just Started the Carnivore Diet. And found these yummy jerky treats. Great snacks, very satisfying! The simple ingredients that don't interfere with my diet. I highly recommend it for anyone on the Carnivore Diet. Toll T.

Carnivore diet reddit. A subreddit for the discussion of nutrition science. Macronutrients, micronutrients, vitamins, diets, and nutrition news are among the many topics discussed. Civil discourse is required. Members Online. by re-native. what do you think about the carnivore diet and can it be nutritionally complete? can it be optimal for human healthspan? can eating only animal products be truly healthy or do we miss any essential nutrients? from listening to some carnivore advocates I have heard them say it's possibly if you eat nose to tail of the animal. would a carnivore diet be associated with living longer than the average person? I have tried carnivore diet myself with mixed results for digestive issues. I feel it healed me to some extend but It felt difficult to sustain energy and exercise throughout the day. I didn't fully adapt. Carnivore diet recipies - Carnivore diet reddit

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