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Updated: May 12,2023

Best Fat Burner Pills: Top 6 Thermogenic Fat Burning Supplements of 2022. Are you tired of never seeing a healthy number on the scale no matter how hard you try? You aren’t alone. Millions of individuals spend endless hours following strict diets and fitness regimens with little or no effect. While food and exercise are critical components of weight loss, you may want to include another tool into your daily routine: a fat burner supplement. With an excellent fat burning supplements added to your routine, you may lose weight more quickly and efficiently. Seeing your weight drop on the scale and in the mirror can help you stay on track to achieve your target weight. We’ve compiled a list of the best fat-burner supplements available today. The ingredients, effectiveness, pricing, and consumer feedback of each product were all taken into consideration throughout our evaluation. Continue reading to discover some of the most effective fat burners on the market. Top 6 Best Fat Burning Supplements of 2022: – Overall Best Fat Burning Pills & Weight Loss Supplements – Popular Fat Burner for Women – Fat Burner Pills To Burn Belly Fat – Recommended Fat Burning Supplement – Preferred Fat Burner To Lose Weight – Effective Thermogenic Fat Burner. Here are the detailed reviews of our top picks: #1. PhenQ – Overall Best Fat Burning Pills & Weight Loss Supplements. PhenQ is a fat burner made in the United States at rigorously inspected facilities. It contains all-natural components that have been proven to help people healthily lose weight. Because it approaches weight reduction through five distinct approaches, it refers to itself as “five weight loss pills in one.” It is made to suppress hunger, burn fat, inhibit fat absorption, boost energy, and elevate mood. Because it combines potent components, PhenQ has a high weight reduction success rate. Each of its ingredients has been shown to help with weight reduction in some manner. This is why the product is so helpful. As a metabolism booster, this supplement may help you lose excess body fat by limiting fat absorption and decreasing your hunger. It also helps you stay motivated throughout your diet and fitness regimen since it lifts your mood. The majority of fat burners only work on a single aspect of weight reduction. They may help you lose weight by making you feel full for longer, but they do not affect your overall health, fitness, or strength. To provide consumers with the best results, PhenQ employs a multi-pronged strategy. PhenQ works by boosting metabolic and thermogenic rates to help individuals lose weight and become fit. It’s also possible that the fat burner may stop the formation of new fat deposits, preventing the body from adding to its already-existing fat store. PhenQ may reduce hunger, increase energy, and enhance mood, in addition to helping with weight reduction by targeting stored fat. PhenQ is one of the most efficient fat burners for burning abdominal fat because of its multifaceted approach to weight loss. Highlights. Burns Fat: PhenQ promises to speed up your body’s natural fat-burning process. It does this by increasing your metabolic and thermogenic rates so that you burn more calories throughout the day. Since your body’s thermogenic rate has increased, it must find an energy source. Because of this, you’ll burn fat even while you’re at rest. Blocks Fat Production: PhenQ comprises compounds that prevent the body from storing fat. It inhibits fat synthesis so that, instead of converting the calories you consume into stored fat, your body never has the chance to accumulate fat. Suppresses Appetite: PhenQ is a calorie-cutting supplement that is simple to use. It suppresses your appetite, causing you to eat less naturally. By inhibiting your body’s natural desires, it makes it easier to adhere to a diet rather than battling with hunger and appetite all day long. Increases Energy Levels: Exercise is easier when you have more energy. Plus, if you’re using a good diet pill like PhenQ , you burn more calories while working out due to its thermogenic effect. Energy levels tend to drop while following a calorie-restrictive diet. This means you may start to feel lazy and unmotivated. B vitamins, amino acids, and other components in PhenQ help you feel more energized. This extra energy gives you what you need to push through your workouts and your workday. Reduces Stress: PhenQ is advertised as having stress-reducing effects. A restricted caloric intake may harm your mood and make you irritable. According to the manufacturer, PhenQ can reverse this impact. PhenQ’s creators say that because of these side effects, you should stop using other diet pills and concentrate only on PhenQ. Pros. Free delivery High-quality formula with positive outcomes May enhance mood and increase energy levels during physical activity 60-day money-back guarantee No prescription required Vegan compliant Multi-faceted approach to weight loss All-natural components Made in FDA and GMP-approved facilities in the U.S. and U.K. Suitable for both sexes. Cons. May interfere with other medications May cause sleep disturbances if taken too late in the day. #2. Leanbean – Popular Fat Burner for Women. Ladies who prefer a formula tailored to their needs will love Leanbean. Ultimate Life Ltd. has developed one of the finest natural appetite suppressants on the market today, and it provides excellent results without harsh stimulants. Leanbean is a high-quality supplement explicitly designed to aid women in burning stubborn fat and losing weight. Leanbean supplement has three main goals: to assist women in flattening their stomachs, firming their glutes, and toning their arms and legs. In addition, it may help women feel more energized and active. It may also generate a general feeling of well-being. The recipe for Leanbean is specially designed for females. Glucomannan, an ingredient that expands in your stomach, is included in this formula to help you feel full longer. Because of this, you’re less likely to overindulge on calories via frequent nibbling and snacking. Chromium picolinate helps control blood sugar levels. Vitamins B6 and B12 are also included in the formula. These vitamins assist in maintaining energy levels to fend off the fatigue and lethargy that come with changing your nutrition. Another component is choline, a nutrient that aids in fat transfer and cholesterol removal. Highlights. Reduces Calories and Cravings: One of the most difficult tasks during weight loss is overcoming sugar cravings and midnight munchies. This is especially true for women. When your hormones are in full swing, during periods, ovulation, and even menopause, you can crave a cookie or chocolate bar terribly. Leanbean recognizes this aspect and has created a way to decrease your cravings. It does this by using the dietary fiber glucomannan, which can fill the stomach and make you feel more satisfied. Boosts Metabolism: The metabolic rate, which is one of the factors that determine how many calories you burn each day, is a pillar of weight loss. By increasing your fat metabolism, you’ll burn more calories even while you’re lying in bed or otherwise static. Leanbean contains chromium picolinate, a mineral that promotes the healthy metabolism of macronutrients and maintains a stable blood glucose level. Increasing Concentration and Energy: It’s difficult to lose weight and fat while working and doing errands regularly. You need to recuperate fast, be energetic, and be better at concentrating on your duties to go about your day efficiently. Leanbean provides caffeine derived from natural sources and dosed so that it keeps you stimulated without interfering with your sleep. In fact, this supplement might help you sleep better at night. Pros. Women’s specific weight loss pill with potent natural ingredient May promote weight and fat loss Each ingredient is dosed exactly to serve a purpose without side effects Naturally sourced ingredients May reduce your calorie intake and cravings 90-day money-back guarantee. Cons. Requires regular exercise. #3. Instant Knockout – Fat Burner Pills To Burn Belly Fat. This is the best fat burner for guys who want to lose stubborn fat, speed up their metabolism, and feel more energized. Professional athletes must follow a strict diet and engage in regular, strenuous exercise to perform at their best. Various weight-loss pills offer them a helping hand and make it easier to meet their objectives. Athletes use fat burners like Instant Knockout to stay in shape so they can give their all on the field. Instant Knockout speeds up your metabolism and helps you lose excess body fat. Even resistant areas, such as the abdomen, legs, and arms, are helpless in this fight. Instant Knockout may help you get the chiseled shoulders, enviable pecs, and rock-hard abs you’ve always wanted. Several natural stimulants are included in this fat burner to help you feel more energized. As a result, your cardio or gym activity won’t be hindered by fatigue. Instant Knockout even suppresses your hunger, allowing you to maintain a balanced diet without overindulging. Highlights. Suppresses Appetite: Everyone knows that frequent snacking on a diet will put a halt to your fat-burning efforts and increase your body’s fat storage rather than decrease it. However, cravings remain a problem during weight loss. Instant Knockout promises to reduce hunger and suppress the appetite, so you won’t have to worry about it. Do the math. Consuming around 2,000 calories a day is considered healthy for most adults. You’ll lose weight if you eat less, but you’ll gain weight if you eat more. An appetite suppressor like Instant Knockout may help curb desires for food. Fasting periods and morning exercise before breakfast are both excellent times to use this supplement. Increases Energy Levels: When you eat fewer calories, you have less energy, which may be problematic if you’re trying to get in some exercise. Instant Knockout may be able to help with that. Even during strenuous activities like aerobics or weightlifting, the stimulants in this product boost your body’s energy levels and keep you going. Enhances Mood and Cognitive Functioning: Unlike other fat burners, Instant Knockout utilizes mood and cognitive boosters to keep you on track with your weight loss goals instead of solely burning fat. When you’re in a good mood, you’re more likely to lose weight and keep up with your healthy eating habits. Preserve Your Muscle Mass: Vitamin B6 is included in Instant Knockout because it aids the body’s absorption of the amino acids needed to develop muscle. Caffeine also aids in muscle development by providing you with extra energy when working out. Pros. Ingredients of the highest caliber that are 100% natural A potent male fat burner with thermogenic properties Recommended by well-known athletes and mixed martial artists May increase energy levels, allowing you to push through tiredness 30-day return policy in the U.S. and 15 days in the U.K. Cons. Some people didn’t receive the results expected Increased caffeine intake. #4. Trimtone – Recommended Fat Burning Supplement. Trimtone is a well-known female weight reduction pill designed to help women healthily lose weight. The supplement has rapidly become one of the most famous and frequently used weight reduction solutions for women, according to Trimtone’s official website. Unlike many fat supplements, Trimtone was created with scientifically proven components. To help women lose weight, control their appetite, and increase thermogenesis, Trimtone is a once-a-day supplement they may take. Trimtone differs from other weight-loss supplements in that it was created specifically with the needs of women in mind. Highlights. Increasing Your Resting Metabolic Rate: A person’s resting metabolic rate (RMR) is the minimum number of calories they burn each day when resting. Resting here means that the body isn’t active. In other words, your RMR is the number of calories your body burns to keep you alive. For those that want to lose weight, the higher your daily caloric expenditure, the better. At the core of Trimtone, you’ll find two scientifically proven fat-burning ingredients that work together to help you maintain and even increase your resting metabolic rate, allowing you to burn more calories and fat throughout the day. Increases the Rate of Thermogenesis: The process through which people or animals generate heat is known as thermogenesis. Calories are burned by your body to generate heat. By breaking down fat, Trimtone may help you generate heat and therefore help you break down fat faster. Numerous studies have shown that increasing the thermogenesis process while following a balanced diet may help people lose weight more effectively. Suppresses Hunger: You need to burn more calories than you eat for weight loss. The problem is that this is much easier said than done because of the constant cravings and impulses. Taking Trimtone may help curb your appetite and keep you from overeating. This will put you in a calorie deficit, and help you lose weight. All you have to do to see these benefits is take one Trimtone capsule with water each day. After a few weeks, you’ll likely start to see the numerous advantages and see a few pounds disappearing from your waistline each week. Designed for Women : Looking at the package and the bottle, it’s evident this has been developed for ladies. It’s pink, silky, and pleasant to look at. It stands out as being a high-quality product when compared to other, comparable items out there. When it comes to the recipe, we can see a lot of focus has been placed on the metabolism-boosting side of things. With many thermogenesis-inducing chemicals in there, it might help to strengthen your metabolism. Pros. Comprised solely of natural ingredients May increase metabolic rate May suppress hunger Laboratory-tested 100-day money-back guarantee. Cons. Not suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding women Not suitable for vegans and vegetarians. #5. PrimeShred – Preferred Fat Burner To Lose Weight. PrimeShred , a fat-burning supplement manufactured in the United Kingdom, boosts your metabolism, improves energy, and speeds up your body’s thermogenesis. The pills contain some common chemicals. Despite this, they are much more potent than other fat-burning pills on the market. Fortunately, the pills won’t wash away your hard-earned muscle bulk, meaning your months of intense strength training aren’t in vain. With a little consistency, you’ll soon notice a difference. A variety of factors lead to people using PrimeShred. Some have tried lots of supplements but nothing else worked. Some people want to slim down. Others need a helping hand to get rid of the final few pounds. Highlights. Transform Your Shape: You may go from having love handles to ripped and muscled if you have the right components working together. A consistent dose of PrimeShred, some portion control, great nutrition, and determined workouts will have you seeing obvious results in a few weeks. Consistent Motivation: Determination is vital when trying to lose weight since it’s easy to become discouraged when you’ve done everything and still haven’t seen results. PrimeShred promises to stimulate your body’s fat-burning mechanisms while also increasing calorie expenditure. These pills will give your body the extra push it needs to achieve by improving your mental ability. It increases the pace at which natural fat-burning processes occur to burn more calories. With the help of this supplement, you can burn more calories during both rest and physical activity. Activates Fat-Burning Hormones : It takes more than simply burning calories to lose weight and become in shape. It also has to do with turning on or off certain hormones. PrimeShred claims that it activates fat-burning hormones. These hormones cause fat cells to release stored fatty acids into the bloodstream to be burned for energy. Your brain may never send a signal to your body to begin burning fat if your hormone levels are out of whack. PrimeShred corrects this problem by boosting your body’s natural fat-burning hormones throughout your workouts. Easier Cutting: Cutting is always a challenge, but it’s easier when you have more energy and mental focus. PrimeShred’s goal is to provide you with more energy throughout the cutting phase so that you can focus on other things. It includes nootropics and related substances to keep you alert both inside and outside the gym by preventing brain fog and improving concentration. Pros. May decrease the desire for unhealthy snacks Great pre-workout supplement 100% natural substances to improve mental focus and concentration Vegan-friendly May prevent exhaustion May burn calories quickly May gradually increases muscle growth when used regularly May effectively reduce fat synthesis It does not cause a decrease in testosterone levels. Cons. It may take some time for your stomach to adjust to dietary change May increase blood pressure and perspiration. #6. Clenbutrol – Effective Thermogenic Fat Burner. Clenbutrol from CrazyBulk is a potent thermogenic and performance-enhancing supplement. When it comes to weight loss, nutritionists say it helps you lose fat and improves cardiovascular health by boosting the amount of oxygen getting to working muscles. A side effect of Clenbutrol is an increased basal metabolic rate (BMR). The body’s metabolism is in overdrive when this happens, so it turns to fat reserves for energy, helping you lose weight in the process. The manufacturing company, CrazyBulk created Clenbutrol as a legal alternative to Clenbuterol. Clenbuterol isn’t a steroid, but it has certain features comparable to those of anabolic steroids, such as causing an increase in muscle growth. Clenbuterol isn’t authorized by the FDA. But outside the United States, it may be used to treat asthma or COPD. The medicine is widely taken off-label for weight reduction or to boost sports performance. The legal alternative, Clenbutrol, does what Clenbuterol does and more. It also improves oxygen flow to your muscles, allowing you to work out for a more extended time and with more intensity. Your soaring energy levels make it possible for you to put in longer, more intense exercises that result in more significant gains. Highlights. Active Ingredients: Clenbutrol suppresses your appetite, thereby helping you decrease your net caloric intake. The main advantages of this supplement’s active ingredients are their antioxidant properties, increased metabolic rate, and reduced cholesterol. In addition, they maintain your cardiovascular health. Fat Burning: Clenbutrol works by preventing your body from accumulating fat, so you have almost no possibility of putting on weight when using this supplement. It facilitates the release of fatty tissue from fat storage, which the body burns for fuel. Consistent Results: Even after drastically reducing our caloric consumption, most of us still have stubborn fat deposits. With Clenbutrol, these fat cells are dislodged and mobilized, making it simpler to use them as a fuel source. Pros. Longer workouts due to a larger supply of energy May increase muscle mass May promote fast weight loss. Cons. Possible high blood pressure. #7. Powher. Using Powher may help women harness energy while keeping their minds sharp throughout the day, thanks to the naturally occurring caffeine and other stimulants included in the bottle. Powher pre-workout may help you perform better and last longer while you exercise by facilitating the efficient flow of oxygen throughout your body. Ultimate Life Ltd, the business that makes Powher, is well-known for its line of exercise and fat-burning supplements that specifically target women. Taking Powher may help you feel more energized without experiencing that dreaded “caffeine crash” that is associated with other caffeine-based powders. Highlights. Performance: There are several components in this supplement that can enhance the fitness and strength of women while at the same time keeping them from becoming bulky and masculine. Upgraded Formula: Powher, one of the finest pre-workout supplements, has recently updated its recipe to include components that help you stay energetic and attentive throughout a lengthy exercise routine or session, such as natural sources of caffeine like green tea. Results: Because of the gradual release of energy, Powher helps you avoid a “caffeine crash,” decrease tiredness, and stay energized even during the most taxing gym sessions. Pros. A crystal-clear, multivitamin, mineral, and plant extract-rich solution. Moderate caffeine dosage, with just 100mg per serving (approximately the same as in a cup of coffee) Gradual release of energy helps avoid caffeine crash New blend that help women stay energetic and active even on a caloric deficit. Cons. It’s only available in the flavor “Pink Lemonade” Uses Sucralose as a sweetener to improve the flavor. How We Compiled the List of Best Fat Burning Supplements: To select the top fat burners, we investigated the components and dosage of several fat-burning supplements. We compared those to our high standards and were able to separate the wheat from the chaff. We then looked closely at how much each best fat burner costs and their value relative to their prices. Here’s a more defined list of what we looked for when selecting the best fat burners of 2022. What We Looked For. Ingredients: When it comes to best fat burners, the essential consideration is the formula’s components. We chose fat-burner supplements that use natural ingredients that operate in concert with your body to help you lose weight. There are no synthetic, artificial, or filler components in any of our products. When it comes to fat metabolism, whole foods make a huge impact and are the best source of nutrients. The best fat burners work by appetite suppression and attacking fat cells in your body. In case you’re sensitive to stimulants, we also looked for fat burners without them. Blends: We can’t tell how effective a fat burner is until we know how much of it we’re taking. This makes fat burners based on proprietary mixes unattractive to the general population. We want you to be fully aware, so you know exactly what you’re receiving. Dosage: The best fat burner supplements on this list have all been dosed to perfection. You may even be able to take as little as one weight reduction pill per day with some of these products. As a result of this easy and direct method, you’ll have more time to focus on important things instead of counting pills to lose weight. Reviews: In the research process, it’s critical to consider what customers have to say. Their thoughts provide insight into the user experience, which helps us choose whether or not a fat burner is worth its price. You don’t want to spend your money on a phony item. It’s important to remember that customer evaluations may not make or break your purchase, but they may help you make a more informed choice. Price: Fat burner supplements that help you lose weight may be expensive. Costs for a month’s supply of the top fat burners range from $40 to $80. Buying in bulk may help you save money on your purchase. When consumers purchase several bottles of fat-burning pills from the same company, they get a discount. Please bear in mind that because everyone’s body composition is different, a fat burner that is effective for one person may not be effective for the other. Buying Guide – Best Fat Burning Pills & Supplements. Stimulant or Non-Stimulant? If you’re trying to lose weight, stimulants may be a lifesaver. They provide you with more energy in the short term, improve your mental clarity, and help you lose weight. However, if you are hypersensitive to stimulants, the disadvantages may exceed the advantages. Fat burners containing stimulants have the potential to cause jitteriness or nausea in certain users. So, which best fat burners are most effective when used with stimulants? The answer isn’t simple since it depends on the components. Green tea extract and caffeine anhydrous are two popular stimulants. PhenGold and PrimeShred both contain them, as do the majority of the fat burner supplements on our list. If you’re sensitive to stimulants, you might want to look at appetite suppressant-based thermogenic fat burners. Instead of speeding up your metabolism, these pills keep you from overeating. If you need a stimulant-free supplement, then Leanbean is the top fat burner. At first look, supplement prices may seem absurd. However, if you want to shed weight quickly and efficiently, you should spend your money on a high-quality product. The best thermogenic fat burners combine affordability with effectiveness. Neither a high-priced item nor a low-cost one filled to the brim with fillers is what you’re looking for. Anywhere in the center of that range will be most beneficial to your budget and waistline. As a general guideline, go for a product that has fewer pills per bottle rather than more. No one wants to spend their spare time counting the best fat burners to make sure they have the right amount on hand at all times. Because the capsules have less space for fillers and other questionable substances, brands that need fewer tablets may also be of higher quality. TrimTone, for example, has enough power to burn calories continuously. The majority of fat burners don’t include any of these ingredients. Use the best appetite suppressants to control your appetite naturally. There are various fat burner supplements on the market that promise the world. Finding a product that promises to burn fat, help you lose weight, reduce your blood pressure, and improve your concentration isn’t outlandish. Many goods fail to live up to the hype, but some do. Using a risk-free money-back guarantee, you can learn whether a thermogenic fat burner works for you. Over the next several weeks, if you see a significant decrease in your weight, you’ve won. But if the supplement doesn’t meet your expectations, it’s a relief to be able to get your money back. The most effective fat burners should be able to live up to their advertised benefits. Good products often don’t need lots of promotion to sell well, because their results speak for them. If a company promotes its weight reduction pills through aggressive sales techniques, be wary. Before making a purchase, check out the company’s website and online reviews. Reviews made by real people with real experiences with the product can serve as a method to decide whether a product is worth the money or not. With that said, please keep in mind that reviews are not the be-all, end-all. Some reviewers’ bad experiences might have been a result of other factors besides the product. Likewise, some products might have a bunch of positive reviews and no negatives. That’s a red flag because no supplement is perfect. Likewise, be wary of businesses that manufacture their products using illegally obtained components. In the mid-2000s, for example, ephedra was a well-liked supplement for increasing metabolic rate. There have been several heart-rate and blood pressure-related medical problems in the United States due to the plant, including two fatalities. The FDA prohibited ephedrine alkaloids-containing dietary supplements in 2004. Dimethylaminoethanol is the same way (DMAE). Before the 1980s, the drug was thought to improve mental clarity and memory, and it was an ingredient in an ADHD medication called Deanol (withdrawn in 1983). Carefully scrutinize the ingredients in your chosen fat burner. Don’t know which is which or what effect a certain ingredient has? Google it. While we make sure to recommend only the best fat burner, we always encourage that you do your research for absolute certainty. FAQs about Fat Burners & Diet Pills: Q1. Is it safe to use fat burners? Fat burners aren’t subject to FDA oversight since the FDA considers them as dietary supplements. However, the majority of fat burners include substances that are well-known and at a safe dosage. What you should avoid is exceeding the prescribed dose. You won’t get ripped any quicker this way, but you may get sick. Q2. Does it make sense for me to use a fat burner? Yes, it does. Especially if you’ve tried other means and nothing has given you the results you wanted. However, you won’t notice results just by taking a pill or powder, that’s for sure. It’s also crucial to stick to your macros and exercise hard, even if it means doing more steps each day. If you follow a healthy diet and exercise regularly, a fat burner may speed up the process. Take the best metabolism boosters to remain energetic all the time. Q3. To counteract the adverse effects of my cheat meal, should I take a fat burner first? No. Just have your cheat meal if you’re planning on having one. If you’re concerned about the effects of a single meal, ask yourself, “Should I be eating this?” rather than “How much should I be eating?” Q4. Can I take fat burners for an extended period? Take fat burners till you achieve your weight reduction targets. It’s advisable to take breaks from fat burners if you’re using them for an extended period. This is because your body grows used to the ingredients which means that their efficacy will be reduced. Taking breaks helps your body time to flush out all traces of the supplement and reset so the ingredients can be as effective as they once were. Q5. How much weight can I lose using a fat burner? If you’re using an effective fat burner, you can lose as much weight as you want. However, there are many variables to consider when it comes to losing weight, including your food and exercise habits, your body physiology, and the specific fat burner supplement you’re using. There will be a variety of outcomes. Some people may drop weight quicker than others, but don’t lose sight of your long-term objective if you aren’t dropping the pounds as fast as you want. Q6. Do fat burners require exercise and a diet? Fat burners aren’t magic medicines. While taking these fat burner supplements, be sure to stay active and eat healthily. The purpose of fat burners is to make good lifestyle habits even more effective. Conclusion – Best Fat Burner & Weight Loss Supplements. Stubborn fat doesn’t have to be a problem anymore. The inclusion of fat burner pills in your weight reduction program will allow you to show some progress finally. When used together with a healthy diet and regular exercise, fat burners efficiently shed pounds. For best results, use the recommended dose. You can find a large selection of high-quality fat burners and weight loss supplements on the market. The goal is to locate a service that is both cost-effective and fulfills your requirements. Instant Knockout, for example, targets athletes and fitness fanatics, while Leanbean helps people lose weight by suppressing their appetites. When it comes to weight reduction, having the proper fat burner makes all the difference. You will not only be able to lose stubborn fat, but you will also be able to prevent problems such as hunger, exhaustion, and weight gain. Maintaining a healthy eating and exercise regimen should help you reach your ideal physique. Keep in mind that choosing the all-natural fat burner pill is one of the best ways to lose weight safely. Exercise, a balanced diet, and weight loss will be more straightforward if you use the appropriate supplement for your needs. For access to exclusive gear videos, celebrity interviews, and more, subscribe on YouTube!

Best Testosterone Booster and Fat Burner Combo. Let me guess: you have too much fat and not enough muscle, and you’re bummed out by all of that and are looking for supplementary help to instead have less fat and more muscle. And also you’re unbelievably ugly. Did I guess all that correctly? Well, lucky for you, we’re here to help by revealing the Best Testosterone Booster and Fat Burner Combo for improving muscle gains and fat loss—not to mention cardio health, strength, vitality, mood, mobility, and everything else that’s hanging on your muscle and fat content. Unfortunately, we can’t solve your ugliness. You’ll need to develop a sense of humor and an impressive vocabulary, or something, to fix that. Table of Contents. Why Stack a Testosterone Booster and Fat Burner? Why not stack a testosterone booster and fat burner, am I right? Maybe if you’re already satisfied with your ripped, fat-free bod, the appeal of fit-physique bodybuilding supplements isn’t too high to you. However, here’s a little reality check for you: everyone ages, including your soon-to-be-fat ass. And two unfortunate side effects of aging: While a decrease in testosterone isn’t 100% responsible for the increase in body fat, it’s certainly a factor. As our primary anabolic male hormone, healthy testosterone activity directly correlates with muscular health and strength. Typically, as we age, the drop in testosterone accompanies a rise in estrogen, which correlates with fat build-up and not the lean muscle gains that we’ve enjoyed all this time. Also, considering that aromatase, the enzyme responsible for converting testosterone to estrogen, is highly concentrated in fat tissue, an increase in fat—whether age-related or not—likely contributes to a decrease in testosterone. So, what’s a fatty to do. Well, first, a fatty should workout: build that muscle, burn that fat. And while that may sound like a daunting task, especially given how sore us fatties feel after a few days of lifting without seeing immediate results, it’s not so bad when accompanied by an effective testosterone booster + fat burner combo. Here’s how these supplements respectively help sustain a healthy, fit physique well into adulthood and old age: The Benefits of a Testosterone Booster. Obviously, the main benefit of a testosterone booster is boosted testosterone. However, the means of boosting testosterone split off into several various health benefits, such as: Testosterone-to-Estrogen Balance: namely by inhibiting aromatase, T-boosters may sustain testosterone levels while minimizing the risk of excess estrogen levels. Increased Lean Muscle Growth: total testosterone isn’t everything— free testosterone is important to muscle gains, given sex hormone binding globulin’s (SHBG) role in “binding” and thus deactivating testosterone. SHBG blockers ensure that your T levels remain active and open to muscle T receptors. Recharged Sex Drive: low testosterone correlates with a low sex drive, which, I mean, really isn’t such a bad thing, considering how many problems are caused by sex… but also sex feels really, really good. So, keep those T levels up. Improved Mood and Cognition: an underappreciated aspect of decreased testosterone activity is how low-T is strongly associated with mood disorders, such as depression. Improving testosterone activity may significantly improve mental health. Overall Vitality: this sounds corny and unscientific, but everyone knows it to be true: feeling like a man makes men happy, and happy men are likelier to spread happiness in the world than sad/angry men. Testosterone is happy juice to men, so to speak. The Benefits of a Fat Burner. Fat burners… burn fat! There you go, there’s the benefit of taking a fat burning supplement. Except wait, there’s more! Decreased Aromatase: decreased fat correlates with decreases aromatase activity, thereby supporting a manlier testosterone-to-estrogen ratio. Reduced Muscular Breakdown: those who train on an empty stomach to improve fat loss do so at the cost of ineffective muscle gains. Some fat burners help sustain fat loss and muscle gains for those who train on an empty stomach. Improved Mobility: a fit physique isn’t simply a matter of vanity—other lifestyle quality aspects improve, such as mobility and athleticism. Unclogged Cardio System: namely visceral fat (as opposed to healthier subcutaneous fat) is horrible for cardiovascular health, from the heart to the blood vessels that struggle against the rise in cholesterol associated with visceral fat. Less Organ Stress: speaking of visceral fat (which is located in the midsection), excess fat puts a lot of stress on the organs, threatening to damage your innards and impair your overall health. More Muscle Burns More Calories. Lifting isn’t for everyone. Nor is lifting (i.e., picking up and putting down big weights) the only pathway to bigger muscles. However, weightlifting is an incredibly effective fat loss strategy, given that the increase in muscle mass forces the body to burn stored fat to maintain all that meat. It’s a misconception that weightlifting makes people strong and fat. That all weightlifters have big, burly chests atop their big, apple-shaped guts. No, weightlifting and unhealthy over-eating (and probably over-boozing) contribute to that strangely in-shape, out-of-shape body design. And, frankly, without the weightlifting, odds are those peeps would simply look out of shape. Combining a testosterone booster to increase muscle mass with a fat burner to decrease fat mass is a very smart strategy for an overall healthier and more attractive body—one that’s meaty enough not only to move boulders but to keep the body’s calorie-burning furnaces hot at all times to keep alive. Best Testosterone Booster and Fat Burner Combo. Combining testosterone boosters with fat burners may help maintain a healthy physique. However, there are so many bad supplements out there. Which is why we’re highlighting here the best testosterone booster and fat burner combo, one that will actually help you get that body back in shape. The two supplements we’re looking at are: a safe, legal, and natural testosterone boosting supplement powered by D-AA-CC. Performance Lab SPORT Fat Burner: a stim-free, caffeine-free calorie-burning, gut-busting fat burner that doubles as a muscle protector. Let’s check out their formulas. Performance Lab SPORT T-Booster Ingredients. Search “testosterone booster” on Google and count how many supplements feature Tribulus terrestris , the go-to herb for seemingly every T-booster stack out there. Or just take our word for it: a lot of stacks feature this ingredient. And there’s a good reason for that: this herb feels good when you take it, giving you a manly surge of vitality… however, it doesn’t exactly boost testosterone. Not the way that so many supplements claim it do. It’s a good ingredient but not the best. Therefore, if you want a really good testosterone booster that, well, boosts testosterone , you want something that looks more like Performance Lab SPORT T-Booster, which swaps the Tribulus for D-Aspartic Acid Calcium Chelate, an awesome, well-studied T-booster that actually works. But that’s not all this stack has in store for us. Here’s the full ingredient profile: D-Aspartic Acid Calcium Chelate. If you want to naturally boost testosterone, you take D-Aspartic Acid—or, better yet, D-Aspartic Acid Calcium Chelate, an advanced chelated form of DAA that supplies all of the amino’s same T-boosting benefits related to the synthesis and release of sex hormones. DAA seems to support testosterone production by promoting LH and FSH secretion, which in turn spark testosterone synthesis. (Plus, D-AA-CC seems to also promote growth hormone (GH) for a potential boost on muscle growth.) One study found DAA effective at increasing blood levels of testosterone and LH by 42% and 33%, respectively. The D-AA-CC form essentially supplies DAA’s benefits with a smaller dosage, thereby reducing the risk of GI discomfort associated with high DAA dosages. Ashwagandha Extract (as KSM-66®) One of the grooviest plants around, Ashwagandha is a popular herbal health enhancer for several reasons. As an adaptogen, ashwagandha helps alleviate the negative effects of stress and anxiety. As a thyroid supporter, ashwagandha may improve thyroid levels for better weight management, and—yes—as a T-booster, ashwagandha improves testosterone status by reducing T-impairing stress levels and by stimulating LH and FSH activity. Not to mention that ashwagandha’s antioxidant content offers protection against harmful free radicals that may otherwise impair healthy testosterone and sperm levels. The KSM-66® is considered a premium ashwagandha option for its standardized, potent extract of this herb’s bio-active constituents (withanolides), as well as for being the only 100% Certified Organic brand of ashwagandha. Mucuna Pruriens Extract. Known in the wild as velvet bean (due to the bean’s velvety encasement), Mucuna pruriens is a manly plant/bean that supplies a rich, natural source of L-DOPA, or levodopa, a precursor compound to dopamine. This perhaps explains why this testosterone booster stack feels good—the anti-stress properties of ashwagandha combined with Mucuna’s dopaminergic content combines for a happy neurochemistry. But what about the testosterone? Aside from dopamine, L-DOPA also promotes the release of GnRH, a precursor hormone to pro-testosterone LH, while also support growth hormone activity for big, bad muscle gains, baby. Luteolin. Ever heard of oranges? Well, if you haven’t, they’re essentially an orange-colored fruit that taste pretty good. Also, they supply Luteolin, an antioxidant that qualifies as a T-booster by working as an estrogen blocker. Here’s how: Luteolin sustains healthy testosterone levels by blocking aromatase, an enzyme that increases with age and that converts testosterone to estrogen. (That’s right: yikes.) This sort of anti-estrogen support is really important to combat the potential rise of estrogen that comes with a rise in testosterone via aromatase. Performance Lab SPORT Fat Burner Ingredients. Okay, so you have the testosterone boosts covered via several angles—LH/FSH boosting, cortisol stress management, antioxidant reduction, aromatase inhibition, etc.—but now what are we going to do about that fat ass? Sure, certainly the testosterone will help, but for a more direct attack on fat there’s Performance Lab SPORT Fat Burner, an awesome fitness-focused fat burner designed to work well with Performance Lab SPORT T-Booster. What’s particularly unique about this stack is how it A) doesn’t use any heart-racing stimulants, not even caffeine, and B) sustains the fat-burning benefits of fasted training while mitigating the muscle-damaging aspects of training on an empty stomach. This is great news for the bodybuilders who are looking to sustain their muscle gains while expediting their fat loss through fasted training. Check out the ingredients: Coleus Forskohlii root (as Forslean®) Here’s a fat-burning, T-boosting double whammy. Coleus forskohlii, an Ayurvedic health herb that improves cyclic adenosine monophosphate (cAMP) levels seems to promote both testosterone levels and fat loss by …well, by improving cAMP levels. Essentially, cAMP aids both testosterone levels and fat loss by optimizing the hormonal pathways that regulate thermogenesis (calorie burning) and testosterone synthesis. The result: a metabolism that prioritizes muscle gains over fat gains, redirecting energy expenditure towards using fat as an energy source. HMB (β-Hydroxy β-Methylbutyrate) The upside of fasted training: increased fat loss. The downside: increased muscle breakdown. Not to say that you lose muscle mass from fasted training but rather that the muscle gains may be less efficient when the fasting body releases muscle-damaging enzymes during exercise. HMB, a metabolite of amino leucine, helps protect muscle tissue during fasted training while also encouraging the body to use stored fat as exercise fuel. By promoting lean muscle gains via fat energy expenditure, HMB is an awesome body-sculpting tool for bodybuilders, athletes, and recreational gymgoers. Cayenne Pepper Extract (as Capsimax®) Is it possible to activate the catecholaminergic pathway without the use of stimulants? Yes. In fact, that’s exactly what Cayenne Pepper Extract, a spicy hot food additive, does to help the body burn fat. Catecholamines, such as epinephrine and norepinephrine, release when the sympathetic system (the “fight or flight” body state) is activated, thereby increasing energy expenditure and focus-enhancing cognitive processes. Except the problem with the stimulant approach to catecholaminergic activity is that stimulants accomplish these benefits while also over-stimulating your heart rate and blood pressure. This may have a negative impact on your cardio health. Cayenne sparks these lipid-busting activities without also acting as a stimulant, making it the superior fat burning option. Black Pepper Extract (as BioPerine®) Would you like-a da peppa? Black pepper extract, a popular additive to supplement formulas, supplies piperine, a bio-active compound that not only promotes calorie-burning thermogenesis but increases nutrient absorption in the gut. With piperine assisting the absorption of this formula’s nutrients, this ingredient essentially improves Performance Lab SPORT Fat Burner’s overall bioavailability. This is mere speculation but… we enjoy taking a BioPerine-containing supplement simultaneously with other supplements with the hope that the absorption-enhancing effects crossover to the other formulas. Worth a shot, eh? How to Stack Performance Lab SPORT T-Booster + Fat Burner. Okay, so here’s how you do it: you take the fat burner pill and you balance it on top of the testosterone booster pill in a stack and… nahhh jay kayyy. Really, each supplement has its own “Suggested Use” directions, as follows: Take 2-4 capsules daily. For best results, take 1-2 capsules with your first meal of the day or before your workout. For best results, take 2-4 capsules 15 minutes prior to training. So, in other words, you don’t necessarily need to take both supplements at the same time. The fat burner should be taken prior to exercise, whereas the testosterone booster just needs to be supplemented daily. And that’s all—simple as that. Okay, but don’t I need to cycle the testosterone booster? Alright, so maybe it’s not that simple. However, it’s still pretty simple. Because we’re dealing with a hormonal activating supplement, yes we need to cycle the testosterone booster. The advised cycling schedule for Performance Lab SPORT T-Booster is: “On” Cycle: take daily for four consecutive weeks. “Off” Cycle: discontinue use for two consecutive weeks before going back to another four-week “on” cycle. If you abide by this On/Off cycle schedule, Performance Lab SPORT T-Booster is healthy, testosterone-raising supplement for long-term use. Where to Buy Performance Lab SPORT T-Booster + Fat Burner. You can buy both supplements exclusively at the Performance Lab website: No Amazon or GNC listings—you have to go straight to the source for these bad boys. How Much Does It Cost? Both Performance Lab SPORT T-Booster and Fat Burner follow the same pricing plan: One Bottle: $50 for 60 pills Two Bottles: $95 for 120 pills (5% saving) Three Bottles: $135 for 180 pills (10% saving) Because the T-booster follows an On/Off cycling schedule, odds are your T-booster supply will outlive your fat burner supply, presuming you buy in bulk—which really is your best bet, if you plan on taking these supplements for the long run. Each bottle added per supplement reduces the total price by 5% (up to three bottles). Other Frequently Asked Questions. Can women take Performance Lab SPORT T-Booster? Nah. The D-AA-CC at this dosage is more of a male-focused testosterone booster that may have deleterious side effects for women. Instead, Performance Lab does supply a female-only multivitamin that’s ideal for women’s health: Performance Lab Whole-Food Multi for Women. To learn more, click here. Well, what about Performance Lab SPORT Fat Burner then?? Yes, of course. The Performance Lab SPORT Fat Burner works for everyone looking to improve their fat burning capacity, as well as improve their learn muscle gains. Especially if growing “big, bulky muscles” are a worry, this fat burner only assists with that goal—it doesn’t force big, bulky muscles upon thee. If you’re goal is “toned muscle,” this fat burner works for that, too! Are Performance Lab supplements vegan-friendly? From the formula to the capsules, all Performance Lab products are vegan and eco-friendly. Encased in Plantcaps® capsules, both Performance Lab SPORT T-Booster and Fat Burner have no junk additives that might cause upset stomach or mess with your digestive tract. Only ingredients and plant-based capsules, and that’s all, baby. Final Thoughts. Are testosterone boosters and fat burners the only health supplements essential to a healthy, fit physique? They’re important, that’s for sure. However, any number of direct and indirect problems may be affecting your physical health, including your mental health. What’s great about the Performance Lab line of supplements is their diversity: from T-boosters to fat burners to multivitamins to nootropics and beyond, these guys have it all. Depending on your particular health needs, you’re able to mix-and-match any combination of health supplements found on their website. Best over the counter fat burner - Best testosterone booster and fat burner combo

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