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Updated: May 12,2023

Best Fat Burner of 2022. A common struggle faced by a large majority of men and women across the world is weight loss. Owing to the busy, modern-day schedules and sedentary lifestyles, it is often quite a task to keep a constant check on one’s weight and health. Moreover, if you do not see significant results with just diet and exercise, you might want to try natural fat burners alongside your usual regimen to achieve a lean and fit body — exactly the way you want it. These best fat burning supplements work to help you get rid of unwanted fat in your body and promote improved health and immunity. Besides, you also need to weigh the risks of taking supplements against the side effects of strong pharmaceutical medications. But, that can become even more challenging, especially for beginners in the realm of health and wellness supplements. However, if you were to have natural fat burners with proven benefits that do not hurt your body, it could be worth it. That is why the aim was to find only the best fat burner products that offer pure and clean effects, even if they are slow on the uptake and do not pose any risk to your health. Noted below are the top five fat burners that you can safely and confidently try if you are aiming to supplement your regular workout routine with something extra to get a lean and fit body without any discernible side effects. Best Fat Burners to Lose Weight in 2022. 1. PhenQ - Overall Best Fat Burner. 2. Leanbean - Best Fat Burner for Women. 3. Instant Knockout - Most Effective Fat Burning Supplement. 4. Trimtone - Natural Fat Burner Supplements. 5. PrimeShred - Powerful Fat Burning Pills. Here are the detailed reviews of the top picks: #1. PhenQ - Overall Best Fat Burner. About the Brand. PhenQ is one of the strongest fat burners, and it is not just for weight loss, as this supplement has turned out to be quite beneficial in suppressing untimely appetites. PhenQ is manufactured by Wolfson Brands (UK) Limited, a leading brand of quality supplements for more than a decade. Some of the best minds have collaborated to create its unique, all-natural product formula that prepares the body for effective weight management without any adverse effects. As a result, this fat burner has grabbed the attention of several thousand fitness enthusiasts across the globe. In addition to offering a healthy and happy life, Wolfson is also known for its customer-friendly policies. PhenQ comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee and free worldwide shipping. Moreover, both men and women can use this best fat burner, and the supplement does not interfere with any oral contraceptives. Ingredients: Two key ingredients in the supplement, α-Lacys Reset ® and Capsimax powder, are responsible for contributing to weight loss. Furthermore, the supplement contains the natural mineral chromium in the form of chromium picolinate, and like other fat burners, it has caffeine as well. Course of Action: PhenQ performs its weight-loss action in five ways: metabolizing stored fat, reducing fat accumulation, suppressing cravings, boosting energy, and promoting mental balance. Pricing and Dosage: A bottle of PhenQ contains 60 tablets. Most fat burner buyers prefer the 2+1 bottle package that comes at a hefty discount. It is recommended that you buy this supplement only from its official website. The manufacturer suggests users take one PhenQ pill with breakfast and one with lunch. Consuming the pill after 3 p.m. can affect your sleep pattern. Since this is a natural fat burner supplement, users can consume this pill for as long as needed. Reviews: PhenQ has numerous satisfied customers worldwide. Its official website comprises the personal experiences and weight loss journeys of several consumers who have narrated how healthy and happy they are after the transformation. Most of them started seeing the results within two weeks after taking the pill. They have stated that a combination of PhenQ and a few lifestyle changes comprised their slimming formula. Moreover, customers seem to be highly impressed with PhenQ’s quick shipping services. Natural and vegan-friendly May increase focus Free shipping No prescription required. Can cause jitters in caffeine-sensitive individuals Not available in stores. #2. Leanbean - Best Fat Burner For Women. About the Brand. Leanbean is one of the most promising and risk-free fat burners for women, manufactured by a U.K.-based firm, Ultimate Life Limited. Physiologically, men and women are different, and so are their behaviors regarding appetite suppression. Avoiding sugar and sudden food cravings is more difficult for women than men. Leanbean was designed after carefully studying women’s lifestyles and behavior. The supplement acts on several body parts like the tummy, arms, cheeks, etc., and helps women achieve their dream bodies in just a few weeks. Leanbean comprises quality weight-loss ingredients, thoughtfully blended and manufactured in FDA-approved facilities to give the healthiest transformations to individuals. Unlike other average fat burners, it does not have caffeine. If you want to kickstart your metabolism and keep up your gym sessions without getting tired, you might want to integrate Leanbean capsules into your life. Although dissatisfaction is a rare possibility, the brand offers a 90-day money-back guarantee if it fails to meet your expectations. Ingredients: The key ingredient of Leanbean is Glucomannan, a strong appetite suppressant. A daily dose of this fat burner means consuming 3g of Glucomannan, an amount that has been tested to initiate weight loss in several European countries. The supplement is also a storehouse of choline, an essential nutrient required for all bodily functions. Choline precursors are also crucial for synthesizing homocysteine, one of the building blocks of protein. Another unique ingredient in the pill is the tropical fruit Garcinia Cambogia, which has antioxidant properties. Furthermore, Leanbean contains various vitamins and minerals like zinc and chromium. Course of Action: The dietary fiber Glucomannan keeps your stomach full and reduces untimely munching and food cravings, especially during monthly cycles. However, a lower intake of calories does not indicate that you will fall short of energy. Leanbean is packed with chromium picolinate, vitamins B6 and B12, zinc, and caffeine. As a result, the pill helps you stay focused by promoting improved cognitive health during this weight-loss journey. Pricing and Dosage: A bottle of Leanbean consists of 180 capsules, and usually, one pack is equivalent to a month’s supply. The Complete Bundle Pack or four-month supply includes a free bottle and a guidebook for workouts and diet plans. The official website is quite user-friendly and supports multiple payment gateways. Users must take two capsules with water three times daily, preferably during breakfast, lunch, and dinner. For best results and to maintain a healthy digestive profile, it is advised to drink plenty of water while you take the pill. Reviews: Customers experienced a drastic change in food cravings after taking Leanbean. However, none of them significantly dropped their energy levels due to calorie deficits. Instead, they started eating healthier portions like they were on a diet. Almost every user saw a difference in weight within two weeks. This fat burner has done wonders for working moms who hardly get time for exercise. The testimonials indicate that most women regained their physical stamina within a month, and some have even emphasized the product is worth the money spent. Optimal blend of stimulants Organic supplement that caters to women’s bodies Flexible money-back policy. Shipping charges on a single bottle purchase. #3. Instant Knockout - Most Effective Fat Burning Supplements. About the Brand. Instant Knockout is specially formulated for athletes and boxing professionals aiming for a firm and sculpted look. The supplement is ideal for men and women who want to burn stubborn fat while maintaining muscle mass. Indeed, the product formula has been meticulously researched by experienced health experts, and currently, it is one of the top-rated thermogenic fat burners for men. Unlike other slimming dietary supplements, it is steroid-free, legal, and tested. It contains naturally sourced ingredients that work to maintain the right nutritional balance in the body. The supplement has been on the market since 2014 and has helped several people build an athletic body. Hence, if you are still struggling to fight unwanted fat, Instant Knockout is all you need. Users can opt for a subscription to avoid the fuss of reordering every time. The Instant Knockout brand provides the liberty to choose your subscription length, and you can cancel anytime without paying extra fees. In fact, for the subscribed customers, there is always a 10% off of the regular price. Ingredients: The effects offered by Instant Knockout comes from its vital core ingredients, including caffeine, green tea extract, piperine, and cayenne pepper seeds. It also contains the natural fiber Glucomannan that absorbs water in the stomach and fills you up. The supplement is a powerhouse of vitamins B6, D3, and B12 that are crucial to support your bodily functions while you are on a weight-loss program. The product formula is rigorously tested, ensuring maximum safety for users. Course of Action: Instant Knockout may burn stored fat and calories, and it may also be effective in lowering hunger pangs between meals and keeping you energized the whole day, even after a hardcore cardio session. Pricing and Dosage: You cannot buy Instant Knockout from third-party sellers, as the product is only available on the official website. The four-month package includes three boxes plus one free box, a free premium supplement, and a video program with nutrition e-books. You can start with a month’s supply of 120 capsules if you are a beginner. For best results, take one capsule with water four times a day — after waking up in the morning, between breakfast and lunch, as an evening snack, and the last capsule at least an hour before dinner. Maintaining a gap of at least five hours between the last capsule and bedtime is recommended. Reviews: Several verified customer reviews on the official website help newbies draw the right conclusion about the effectiveness of Instant Knockout. Users could notice a considerable reduction in their body fat percentage within a month of starting this capsule. At the same time, they have also emphasized that a healthy diet and regular exercises are essential for any weight-loss regimen. Women who tried this fat burner reportedly gained a toned, bikini body without experiencing any side effects. However, some users with caffeine sensitivity have reported sleeping difficulties and anxiety for a brief time after using Instant Knockout. Naturally sourced, scientifically-backed ingredients Suitable for men and women Worldwide shipping 30-day return policy. Four capsules a day Possible digestive issues. #4. Trimtone - Natural Fat Burner Supplements. About the Brand. Trimtone is an all-natural, premium belly fat burner for women. The product supports healthy and sustainable weight loss without inducing any serious health risks. With a supreme blend of scientifically backed ingredients, the product may help women achieve health and fitness goals in a short time. Trimtone can also be used as a pre-workout supplement, especially if you hit the gym in the morning. An interesting fact about Trimtone is that it has a Calorie Counter integrated into the website. So, before you start your weight-loss journey, you can plan how many calories you wish to lose by entering your details in this calculator. Ingredients: The five key ingredients of Trimtone include caffeine, green coffee, green tea extract, Glucomannan, and grains of paradise. Collectively, these help you achieve your desired results. Each capsule contains 120mg of caffeine, which is responsible for maintaining healthy energy levels. Unlike other fat burners, Trimtone does not contain any fillers or synthetics. Course of Action: Trimtone may help fat be broken down to energy in order to carry out essential physiological functions. It may also work while you are at rest, not just while you are active. Avoiding unnecessary calories in your diet is critical when you are into any fat-burning regimen, and Trimtone makes that easier for you. Pricing and Dosage: A box of Trimtone consists of 30 capsules, which is equivalent to a month’s supply. Most women opt for a three-month supply that comes at a discount and with free shipping. Those in a long-term weight-maintenance plan can try out the five-month supply. It is recommended to take one Trimtone capsule daily with a glass of water around 30 minutes before breakfast. This easy dosage is another reason for this abdominal fat burner’s popularity. Reviews: Trimtone has turned out to be the most well-recognized thermogenic fat burner for women. Unlike other supplements, the weight loss product is widely known to not cause any jitters. Exclusively designed for women Made in a cGMP-certified facility Clinically proven ingredients Budget-friendly. Not suitable for vegans Too many stimulants. #5. PrimeShred - Powerful Fat-Burning Pills. PrimeShred is a highly potent fat-burning supplement that offers faster transformations without compromising muscle mass. MuscleClub Limited, a U.K.-based company, manufactures it. Every individual has different weight loss goals. Some rely on stimulant-free fat burners for slimming, whereas others usually hit the gym and take these supplements for a further toned look. PrimeShred is an ideal choice for both situations for the results it provides. Moreover, the company is 100% transparent to users about its product's fat-burning formula. The brand is so confident about its product efficacy that it offers the longest guarantee in the market at 100 days. Ingredients: PrimeShred is loaded with extensively researched ingredients like caffeine, cayenne pepper, green tea extract, DMAE, and Bioperine. Furthermore, the best fat burner supplement contains Rhodiola root extract, amino acids like tyrosine and theanine, and vitamins. The dosage level of each ingredient is followed as per clinical studies. Course of Action: PrimeShred follows a three-phase fat-burning approach, helping you quickly achieve your weight loss goals. First, it works to fire up your metabolic engine, naturally leading to maximum calorie burning. Next, it may boost the lipid metabolizing hormones, resulting in increased synthesis of lipid metabolizing enzymes. Thus, the stored fatty acids are released into the bloodstream and can be burnt for energy. Lastly, the supplement may amplify your mental focus and keep you motivated to feel rejuvenated daily. This is crucial since diet and intense fat-burning can mentally drain you. Pricing and Dosage: A bottle of PrimeShred contains 90 capsules. However, most people prefer the 2+1 pack that comes with free shipping. Users should take three capsules per day, about 20 minutes before breakfast. You should take PrimeShred on workout and non-workout days for the best results. Reviews: Customers are highly pleased with their transformation after using PrimeShred. Many have stated that this supplement has broken those frustrating plateaus of stubborn fats and helped them achieve the body of their dreams. They have further acknowledged how this product has helped them stay focused, minimizing mood swings during this transformational journey. Men observed significant improvement in their weight-lifting capacities after taking this supplement. Vegan-friendly capsules No artificial ingredients 100-day money-back guarantee. Difficulties in falling asleep Not indicated for individuals with liver diseases Not available in retail stores. How These Top Fat Burners Are Selected Against Others? Since consumer health was the priority, an in-depth research is performed before compiling this list of the best thermogenic fat burners. Only the most effective weight loss pills comprising scientifically proven ingredients made it to this list. The following are the criteria based on which the best stubborn belly fat burners are picked. #1. Surveys. Surveys and polls were conducted to understand the current market scenario of fat-burning supplements. Only the top-ranked thermogenic fat burner supplements made it to this list. #2. Customer Reviews. Only verified customer reviews are considered, and then this list is made after a thorough analysis of user stories. #3. Ingredients. A critical factor for evaluating these weight-loss supplements was the list of ingredients. Only natural and high-quality fat burners that are devoid of fillers, are chosen here. Moreover, it is cross-checked whether these products are manufactured in federally compliant laboratories. #4. Brand Transparency. Any authentic brand should be transparent about its product portfolio, formula, and policies. This list contains the most trustworthy fat burners that are safe, effective, and offer convenient shipping and return policies. #5. Pricing. To ensure that users get the most effective fat burners at an affordable budget, intensive research has been done. Moreover, the brands reviewed here offer subscriptions and attractive discounts to first-time buyers. #6. Personal Experience. Researchers have gone the extra mile to try some of these fat burners to see if they worked. The transformation experienced within a month was mind-blowing, and that too, without any physical discomfort. Things to Consider Before Buying Fat Burning Supplements. Not every fat burner can guarantee safety and efficacy. Instead of relying on friends or colleagues, you should research before buying a weight-loss supplement. Below are the points to consider if you plan to buy the best fat burner. #1. Ingredients List. For your safety, be mindful of the composition of a supplement you plan to consume, and check to see if the natural ingredients could cause any potential health hazards. You should pick a natural fat burner containing scientifically proven ingredients that have undergone stringent testing in FDA-approved facilities. #2. Dosage Instructions. It is critical to follow the dosage recommended by the manufacturer while on fat burners. Choose a product that states the daily dosage on the product label. Failing to abide by the right dosage criteria can lead to serious health hazards. #3. Convenient Brand Policies. It is always a good idea to go with a brand offering free shipping and a money-back guarantee. Such policies reinforce trust in the brand among customers. The fat burners reviewed offer a complete refund if they fail to deliver the desired results, as promised during purchase time. Furthermore, look for a brand that provides secure yet smooth payment gateways. #4. Customer Feedback. One of the easiest ways to verify the genuineness of a brand is to read customer reviews. These reviews provide insight into a brand’s image, the quality of its products, and its position in the market. #5. Buy from Official Websites. Be it one of the best fat burner products or any other supplement, it is recommended that you buy from the official websites of the brands, as that guarantees authenticity. You can return the products easily and get a refund, as well. Moreover, you can enjoy discounts and subscriptions if you purchase directly from the brand. Buying from retail outlets or third-party websites is often associated with fraud of different kinds. Lastly, while you are on fat burners, maintain a healthy lifestyle, monitor underlying medical conditions, if any, and get adequate sleep for the best results. FAQs: Fat Burner. Q: Do fat burners work on stubborn fat? A: Fat burners target stubborn fats stored in adipose tissue through thermogenesis. These supplements may also activate certain lipid metabolizing enzymes to break down the stored fat in the white adipose tissue. Q: Can I take fat burners before sleep? A: Any fat burner should be taken at least 30 minutes before bedtime to avoid sleeping difficulties. This gives your body enough time to absorb the ingredients. Q: Are fat burners effective without diet and exercise? A: Fat burners work without diet and exercise, but the results are much better and quicker when these supplements are taken along with a healthy and active lifestyle. Q: How often should I take a fat burner? A: Following the manufacturer’s dosage instructions when taking fat burners is crucial. Overdosing could lead to serious health risks, whereas an inconsistent dosage will not yield desired results. Q: Do fat burners cause sweating? A: Fat burners act on weight loss by thermogenesis, raising body temperature. They may contribute to metabolism and burn excess fat and calories, causing sweating to occur. Q: Are there any side effects of taking fat burners? A: The reviewed fat burners are natural and safe. However, due to the presence of stimulants like caffeine, these supplements may cause mild jitters in caffeine-sensitive people. Beginners may also experience anxiety or headaches a few days after starting these supplements. Closing Remarks on the Best Fat Burners on the Market. Fat burners contribute to your metabolic rate, increase overall energy expenditure, and suppress food cravings. These “burn supplements” contain a range of vitamins, minerals, and herbal ingredients that support bodily functions and promote positive emotions while you are on a cutting spree. Although the FDA does not regulate these supplements, they are manufactured in federally approved facilities and tested in labs for safety and potency. PhenQ is one of the most effective fat burners that works perfectly for both male and female bodies. It does not interfere with most medications and has almost no side effects. However, those who are pregnant or nursing should refrain from consuming these supplements. Lastly, it is recommended to consult your doctor before starting any of these supplements.

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