Almuerzo keto - Alpha lion fat burner reviews
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Updated: May 12,2023

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Alpha Shredder. Alpha Shredder is a fat burner made Alpha Lion. It is designed to boost the metabolism, control the appetite, “torch fat” and provide “all day energy”. This fat-loss product features 17 active ingredients. These include green tea and cayenne pepper – both of which are thought to increase energy expenditure and speed up the metabolic rate. L-theanine is said to induce a calm alertness and reduce comfort eating, while MCT oil contains “healthy fats” that could help promote fullness and reduce waist size. There are 90 capsules in each bottle of Alpha Lion Alpha Shredder, which equates to 30 servings. Reviews. 5 reviews for Alpha Shredder. Darkman – August 29, 2017. Not Quite a F*ck You to Fat, But Pretty Effective. —-Introduction—- Hello, SR Peeps! I’m back again with another review. This time, it’s Alpha Lion’s Fat burner Alpha Shredder. Those who know me know that I’m in a constant recomp phase; trying to gain quality muscle while staying as lean as possible. It’s been an uphill struggle, but I have used some amazing products that delivered impressive results. Will Alpha Shredder be added to that list? Read on… —-Ingredient Profile—- (8.5) OK, so I really hate prop blends, unless the product actually works; then I’ll give the company a pass. Kudos to Alpha Lion for the 100% disclosed label. Each ingredient is clearly listed, and overall, the ingredient profile looks pretty solid. Alpha Lion contains pretty much the same well-researched ingredients found in other fat burners, so there are no surprises or “newly discovered” or “previously unheard of” ingredients. Without going into too much detail (sorry, but I feel a little lazy right now), I’ll just say that there are 13 ingredients on the label, and all of them have their respective amounts listed. One noteworthy ingredient is 300 mg of caffeine, more than enough, in my opinion, to provide an adequate energy boost. Carnitine, green tea, advantra z, cayenne, and yohimbine have also been added to assist in the fat burning process. After experiencing impressive results with Evomuse’s Alpha Burn, I was hoping to see alpha yohimbine added, since there are quite a few people who experience negative side effects from yohimbine HCL. Alpha Shred contains 8 mg of the HCL form of yohimbine, so those who are sensitive to it may want to look elsewhere. Alpha Shred’s secret weapon just may be its diuretic blend, combining dandelion root, mct oil, and matcha. This is a pretty solid ingredient profile aimed at attacking fat through multiple avenues. —-Taste/Mixability/Dosing—- No taste, one serving is 3 little green pills pills. The label says to take one serving before breakfast on an empty stomach, and for maximum results, Alpha Lion suggests taking an additional serving in the afternoon. This would actually make the bottle last about 2 weeks, so I went ahead and purchased another bottle, because I’m all about max results. —-Effectiveness—- (7.5) According to Alpha Lion’s website, Alpha shred with have you diamond cut while providing all day energy, and enable you to say f*ck you to fat. Ambitious? very. Did it deliver? Well here’s how I broke it down: Energy–pretty solid boost of energy. I didn’t crash, and the “all day” effect worked, kinda, when I added the afternoon serving. Thermogenesis–I only felt a little extra heat during my workout. When i was at rest, however, I didn’t really notice anything. Appetite Suppressant– A+ for this, even though there are no listed appetite suppressants on the label. I never felt hungry while taking this. Diuretic Effect–This is where Alpha Lion truly shines. I got rid of excess water weight and looked a lot leaner with a little added vascularity. Fat loss–I did lose some fat, but nothing up to par with, say, Neco-Adipem, Skald, or Alpha Burn. I did lose a decent amount (almost 4 pounds) of water weight. —-Value—- (5) Alpha Shred sells for about $35 pretty much everywhere, including Alpha Lion’s website. As stated earlier in this review, each bottle contains 90 pills, which is fine if you can suffice taking just one serving daily. However, those of us looking for maximum effectiveness will no doubt opt to take an additional serving, which means only a 15 day supply and having to shell out an additional 35 bucks for another bottle. Even with all of the proven, effectively dosed ingredients, 70 dollars for a month is a tad much for me to buy this product. —-Side Effects—- None noted. —-Conclusion—- Alpha Shred is a decent product, not the best, but pretty effective nonetheless. The ingredient profile is solid and fully disclosed, it is a strong appetite suppressant and a great diuretic, but its price is what will keep me from purchasing it in the near future. JayT – September 13, 2017. An effective fat burner, but a little expensive at full dose. —-Introduction—- Intriguing profile with good reviews from previous members, so I decided to claim a bottle to finish off my summer cut. —-Ingredient Profile—- Profile is broken up into three different matrices and they are all fully disclosed. The first matrix is the All Day Energy Matrix which contains 300 mg of caffeine and vitamins B6 and B12. The second matrix is the Fat Burning Machine Matrix with l-carnitine at 650 mg, green tea extract, green coffee bean extract, cayenne pepper, Advantra Z, yohimbine HCl and BioPerine. The cayenne will help with a thermo effect, Advantra Z and yohimbine HCl help with appetite suppression and BioPerine help with absorption. There is 8 mg per serving of yohimbine HCl, so be wary of that if you know you have issues with yohimbine. Finally there is the X Factor Matrix that should help as a diuretic and clean energy with dandelion root, matcha green tea, and MCT oil. Gelatin capsules which I am not a fan of; wish they went with vegetarian capsules. —-Dosing—- Bottle states to take one serving (three caps) before breakfast and may take an additional serving after lunch. Do not take more than six caps a day. —-Effectiveness—- Alright, well I decided to only take one dose a day because of the amount of caffeine this contained. I was already taking a high stim pre-workout, so I did not want to overdo it on the amount of caffeine I was taking. A full two servings of Alpha Shredder would bring you to 600 mg of caffeine per day alone, so I decided to just go with one serving a day. I also did not take this prior to breakfast. My work schedule was crazy while I was taking this; I was working 8pm-4am five days a week the entire run of the bottle. Normally I would go to bed at 5am or so and wake up around 12pm, so I would not have breakfast. Instead, I would wake up and take my pre-workout immediately upon waking up and then hit the gym for an hour or two each day. Then I would split the dosage up during my shift to help keep me up at night. For the most part, I would go with one pill at 10pm, 12am, and 2am to get a continuous supply of caffeine through the shift. Sorry for the story, but just wanted to explain my situation. Anyway, the first night I took this, I took three caps right before my shift. I had to finish a report from the night before, so I started in the air conditioned squad room. Within a few minutes, I was dripping sweat and I had no clue why. I just figured the air was not working properly, but no one else was sweating. I mean I was fully dressed with my vest on and everything, but I should not have been sweating that badly. A few hours later I remembered that I took this fat burner and it all made sense after that. That was another reason why I decided to split the dosage up. So this is definitely great from a thermo/diuretic aspect. The energy I received from this was very clean even when I took all three caps at a time. It kept me alert throughout my shift and then I had no trouble going to sleep after it. I also did not feel overly hungry while taking Alpha Shredder, so I do think this has a pretty mild appetite suppression quality to it. Unfortunately, I never tracked my weight while taking this, but I definitely leaned up some. My abs showed a bit more and I looked a little more defined all around. —-Value—- This is where this loses the most points. $35 for a month’s worth (if you are only using one serving a day) is not awful given the ingredients in this, but if you are going to take a full two servings a day, this will run you 15 days. That makes it pretty expensive. If you wanted a full month’s worth of this at a full two servings, it will run you $70. I would suggest starting with one dose a day, because you can get results with just one serving. —-Side Effects—- Noticed an increase in body temperature with a full dosage. —-Conclusion—- This was an effective fat burner at the end of the day. Proven, patented ingredients that are well dosed. The price may be the only thing setting this back at this point. Still would recommend this if you are in the market for a thermo. Xcmiler – September 30, 2017. Alpha Lion Alpha Shredder Is an Effective Fat Burner That Helped Me Loose Seven Pounds. —-Introduction—- Fat burners are something that I have taken over the years with minimal success. This is mostly because I don’t always alter my diet and rely too heavily on the fat burner. So, when Alpha Shredder came up for review I decided that this time I would alter my diet while I took it. Here is the review. —-Ingredient Profile—- Each bottle of Alpha Shredder contains 30 servings that consist of three capsules. Each three pill serving contains vitamin B6 at 1.4 mg and vitamin B12 at 23 mcg. I will note that the B12 is in the prefered methylcobalamin form. Following these there is 300 mg of caffeine anhydrous, which increases energy and has fat burning effects. I will note that for me this was a high dose especially when factoring in the dosing (3-6 pills per day). The next ingredient is 650 mg of L-Carnitine, which the major fat burning claim with that is turning fat cells into energy. I would have rather seen a different form of L-Carnitine such as ALCAR or LCLT. This is followed by green tea extract at a 250 mg dosage. The main benefits to green tea extract is fat burning and antioxidant effects. The next ingredient is green coffee bean extract at 200 mg dose. The main thing with green coffee bean extract is chlorogenic acid, which has been shown to reduce body weight in overweight people. Next, you have cayenne pepper at 75 mg dosage, which has been shown to have fat burning properties and fight inflammation. This is followed by 50 mg of Advantra Z, which is a patented fat burning ingredient containing citrus aurantium also referred to as bitter orange extract. This has been shown to improve athletic performance, stimulate thermogenesis, reduce weight, and suppress appetite. The next ingredient is 8 mg of yohimbine HCL, which is shown to increase fat loss and improve men’s libido. I will note that the dose here is high since many solo yohimbine HCL products only contain 2.5 mg while this has 8. Bioperine is the next ingredient at a 5 mg dosage and the main benefit here is increased absorption of the other ingredients. The last three ingredients include 200 mg of dandelion root, which is a diuretic. Matcha green tea at a 200 mg dosage and MCT oil at a 200 mg dosage. Overall, I liked the ingredient profile but I do think for me personally the caffeine content was too high. The yohimbine dosage could be a problem for some especially when using max dosage since it would end up being 16 mg. I know I would side effects at that dosage. —-Taste/Mixability/Dosing—- Taste and mixability do not apply to this product. In terms of dosing, I mostly used three pills per day, either all at once or spread out. I prefered to do two in the AM and then one late morning. This would allow me to still use my preworkout later in the day without consuming too much caffeine. I did attempt the maximum dosage “for best results” according to Alpha Lion but it was too much. So, I stuck to the three per day. —-Effectiveness—- Throughout the course of the bottle my macros were roughly 2057 calories, 57g of fat, 207g of carbohydrates and 179g of protein. They were a little higher at the start of the bottle but lowered as I was using it. I started at 225 and ended the bottle at 218. I was happy with this since I did go on vacation towards the end of the bottle. While on vacation I did not track my macros but instead made healthy eating choices. So, I was happy with the seven pounds that I lost. I do wonder though how much of it was actual water weight due to the diuretic in the product. My clothes were looser and I would estimate that I dropped a half a pant size. I do think that I may have gained some weight back on vacation but the product was still effective. I did use this a couple of times before fasted cardio. I definitely had an energy boost and sweat quite a bit. I only used this for gym cardio, which consists of 15 min on treadmill, elliptical, and stairmaster for a total of 45 minutes. I noticed that I felt like I could push myself a little harder due to the energy I had with Alpha Shredder. I did feel a little dehydrated after these cardio sessions probably due to the combination of the sweat and diuretic. I did try this once running on the trail but I had to cut the run short because I felt too dehydrated. I think that was a combination of this product and the amount of water I drank prior to the run. Overall, I did like it for cardio in an air conditioned environment. —-Value—- Alpha Shredder retails for $37.99 making it $1.26 per serving. I do think that the price for this is fair since similar botique fat burners are around the same price. What I mean by boutique is a fat burner that is not widely available mostly sold on their own websites. Granite Supplements Lipocalypse is $49.99 making it $1.66 per serving (they recently raised the price of this by $14 for some reason). GHOST Infrared goes for $44.99 making it $1.49 per serving. Staunch Nutrition Burning Man goes for $39 making it $1.30 per serving. So, when comparing Alpha Shredder to other boutique fat burners it is quite competitive. Now, you can get fat burners for a lot cheaper on but to be honest they are rather cookie cutter. Look at the top fat burners on there and most are the “promoted” brands with sketchy reviews. Personally, I prefer to try the boutique fat burners and Alpha Shredder is definitely worth a try. —-Side Effects—- I had no side effects while taking this product. —-Conclusion—- Overall, Alpha Shredder is an effective fat burner. I lost seven pounds and about a half a pant size. I did go on vacation while taking the product so my results would have probably been better if I was home but I was still happy with the results. This is priced competitively when comparing it to other boutique fat burners and is actually cheaper than most of them. Thank you to Alpha Lion for sending out the product. -Xcmiler. RobertMc1982 – October 13, 2018. Great but expensive fat burner. —-Quick Summary—- I took this product every morning, and sometimes after lunch during that mid-afternoon slump. I lost a total of 8 lbs during my run of this, most of which was water weight, but I feel like there was some fat loss as well. Overall, I enjoyed this product as it gave me a good amount of energy throughout the day, and the scale did move in the right direction. The only downside was heartburn shortly after dosing, but it usually went away after an hour or so. —-Introduction—- I’m 36 years old, and have been working out off and on since I graduated high school. I am currently back in the gym after a 2-1/2 year break, and am focusing on getting stronger while improving my body composition. I have used various stimulant based fat burners in the past with mixed results, so I was curious how this product would work for me. —-Ingredient Profile—- The ingredients for this are broken down into 3 matrices. [b]All Day Energy Matrix:[/b] Caffeine Anhydrous – 300mg Vitamin B6 and B12 [b]Fat Burning Machine Matrix:[/b] L-Carnitine – 650mg Green Tea Extract – 250mg Green Coffee Bean Extract – 200mg Cayenne Pepper – 75mg Advantra Z – 50mg Yohimbine HCl – 8mg Bioperine – 5mg [b]X-Factor Matrix:[/b] Dandelion Root – 200mg Matcha Green Tea – 200mg MCT Oil – 200mg —-Taste/Mixability/Dosing—- Serving size is 3 capsules, and for maximum results you are supposed to take 2 servings per day. I tried taking twice a day on a few occasions, but with 300mg of caffeine per serving combined with yohimbine and advantra z, it was almost too much for me. I stuck with one serving in the morning most days, after breakfast which was always a protein shake and banana. They are capsules, so taste was not a factor. I also did not notice any bad tasting burps afterwards. —-Effectiveness—- My diet was not the greatest while I was taking this, but I still managed to lose 8 lbs over the 4 weeks I took this. Most of the weight I lost was during the first 10 days or so due to the diuretic effect, but I have noticed that I’m reading an average of 1% lower bodyfat on the electrical impedance device we have at work. The energy and diuretic effects were the most prominent effects I noticed with this, but I also sweated a lot more than normal for several hours after dosing. All in all, this product did everything I would expect or hope from a fat burner. It gave me plenty of energy, got rid of excess water weight, and had a noticeable thermogenic effect that let me know it was working. The one thing I did not notice was appetite suppression, however, as I still got hungry at my normal meal/snack times. I was also thirstier than normal. I usually drink roughly a gallon of water per day, but I was up to 1-1/2 gallons with this, especially on days when I took the afternoon dose. I figured this was due to the diuretic effect from the dandelion root. Overall, I was impressed by this product, especially considering that I did not track my macros or make any special effort to gear my diet towards fat loss while taking this. I would be interested to see how effective this could truly be if implemented with a more optimal diet, but my work schedule made it somewhat impractical this time around. —-Value—- The only place I’ve seen this is on Alpha Lion’s website, and the price is currently $37 for a 30-serving container (90 pills), which is a good value if you can stretch it out for a month. However, if you take the recommended 2 doses per day for maximum results, the value quickly plummets. For the cost-conscious supplement consumer, I would recommend starting out with 1 dose per day for the first week to see how you respond before adding the second dose. If you find you get sufficient results with one dose, you will get a lot more bang for your buck. A BOGO deal would be an ideal situation here. —-Side Effects—- As I mentioned in the quick summary, I experienced heartburn after taking this. Sometimes were worse than others, but it happened every single time. I’m assuming it was due to the cayenne pepper, but I’m not 100% sure. It always went away on its on after an hour or so, though, and sooner if I had heartburn medicine handy. —-Conclusion—- Overall, this did everything I feel like a fat burner is supposed to do, and I feel like it lives up to its label claims for the most part. I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a good fat burner. The price is on the high side, but you can manipulate your dosages to extract the most value from it if necessary. At the end of the day, I feel like you get what you pay for here. Thanks to Alpha Lion for giving me a chance to try this! Reaper61 – October 21, 2018. Decent weight loss supplement that might be hefty on the wallet. —-Quick Summary—- Alpha shredder is a well thought out weight loss supplement that is dosed in such a manner to create flexibility with the end user. It can be dosed up to 3 pills 2x a day, or you can take one dose in a manner you see choosing such as 1 pill with a pre-workout in the morning to get things going then the rest of the dose afterward. This level of flexibility makes this a good asset to have. —-Introduction—- Big thanks to Alpha Lion for letting me run Alpha Shredder, and I am happy to see them participating in the Trooper program. Fat burners are everywhere these days and they all promise a Greek God type body and unrealistic results. In all reality, they are just giant caffeine bombs because feeling stimulated equals a mental feeling of fat/weight loss. Alpha Shredder has taken a different approach and is relying more on proven ingredients to deliver its results rather than stimulants alone. —-Ingredient Profile—- Once again Alpha Lion shows they have nothing to hide by giving us yet another product that is fully disclosed: 1 Serving is 3 pills All Day Energy Matrix: Caffeine Anhydrous – 300mg Vitamin B6 and B12 Fat Burning Machine Matrix: L-Carnitine – 650mg Green Tea Extract – 250mg Green Coffee Bean Extract – 200mg Cayenne Pepper – 75mg Advantra Z – 50mg Yohimbine HCl – 8mg Bioperine – 5mg X-Factor Matrix: Dandelion Root – 200mg Matcha Green Tea – 200mg MCT Oil – 200mg These ingredients have all been shown to help aid in weight loss and water loss as well. As I mentioned earlier, because this serving is broken down into 3 pills it allows for some flexibility by the user which I will be covering in the next section. The inclusion of dandelion root is nice because it also shows that it is targeting excess fluid retention that your body is holding onto. —-Taste/Mixability/Dosing—- Taste and mixability are a non-factor since these are pills. There is also not an unfavorable taste or odor with the pills either. dosing is either 1 or 2 servings a day depending on how you want to use this product or what your tolerance is. For me, I found that I really like taking 1 pill in the morning on an empty stomach with my pre-workout to help get a solid thermogenic effect going, then I would take 2 more pills at lunch creating 1 dose. On days where I just did cardio, I would take all 3 on an empty stomach for energy, and take another serving at lunch equalling 6 pills in a day. I found this flexibility to be nice because some weight loss pills are so full of stimulants that if you combined it with your pre-workout, you would probably explode your heart. —-Effectiveness—- The overall effectiveness of this product was decent but not the best. Did I lose weight while taking it? Yes, I did. Was it the recomposition and restructuring I was looking for? Not quite. This product delivered for me in regards to losing water weight and keeping it off. The dandelion root really came through in this effect of purging excess water from my body and leaning me out in that aspect. This was accomplished through constant strong sweating. Like no amount of antiperspirant deodorant could prevent large pit stains sweating. When I workout, I really don’t care if I am a sweaty mess, but later on during the day, it can get kind of annoying, but that is the price you pay when using a product like this. My overall weight loss during the course of this run was 3 sustained pounds lost. While it was not a lot, I will also admit that I am not really focused on eating as clean as possible either. One area that I feel did not come through for me, was the appetite suppressant. For me, it just didn’t happen and was non-existent. I would take a serving of this product and within an hour when I know it has had time to be effective, I would find myself just a ravenous hungry mess. It feels like this almost had a reverse effect on me. However, based on the ingredients label since it is fully disclosed, there is nothing in this that could cause an increase in appetite. So I am not sure if my body was just like hey, I feel like eating everything in sight, or what was going on but this area was a miss for me. Overall, this was still a good product. I never felt super wired like I was stimmed out of my mind, but I could feel some internal warmth knowing that the thermogenic effect was taking place. As I mentioned earlier, I would take 1 pill with my PWO and it really helped overall because it got my body temperature up, and got me warm and sweating which allowed my muscles to warm up and start firing earlier than normal. It also helped add a little extra energy on those really early days where the workouts sucked because I didn’t feel like being there. —-Value—- Now for the hard part. As of right now, this product cannot be found at just your ordinary store. You need to go to the alpha lion website and order it through them which is sold for $37 for 30 servings aka 90 pills. This comes out to be $1.23 per serving and $2.46 a day if you do the max dose which would leave you with 15 servings. This can turn into a very steep price depending on how you use it. —-Side Effects—- —-Conclusion—- I would say this is one of the better put together weight loss supplements. The ingredients are done right and are actually relying on real ingredients to deliver results, rather than cheap parlor tricks like heavy stimulants to create the illusion of weight loss. While I suffered from a lack of appetite suppression, it does not mean that it will be that way for every user. These products are very user dependent and results will change for every person. I would like to see what happens when someone runs this for 2 cycles to see what the long-term losses are and if they are sustained. I would recommend this to someone to try, simply because of the clean label and well thought out ingredients coupled with the proven results that it can generate. Yes, it does come with a price to the wallet, but you are also getting what you paid for. Almuerzo keto - Alpha lion fat burner reviews

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